Mastering Crypto Assets

“The authors cut through the noise with precision, presenting an unflinching view of crypto assets as a tangible component of modern investment portfolios. This book is a must-read for anyone committed to fully understanding the risks and rewards of digital asset investing.”

—Peter L. Brandt, Legendary Trader

Launching January 24, 2024

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A definitive, all-encompassing book on digital assets of all types for investors

“Mastering Crypto Assets is perfectly named. Investors aiming to understand everything from the history of crypto assets to asset allocation have guidance from a team with a wealth of experience.”

—Eric Peters, CEO/CIO, Coinbase Asset Management

Martin Leinweber is a Digital Asset Product Strategist at MarketVector Indexes, offering product development, research, and thought leadership. Before joining MarketVector, Martin was instrumental in managing active funds for large European institutional investors.

Jörg Willig serves as the Head of Portfolio Management at a renowned private bank and has over two decades of experience managing funds for both institutional and private clients. He oversees the development of systematic investment strategies that encompass Fixed Income, Equity, and Real Assets portfolios.

Steven Schoenfeld is the CEO of MarketVector Indexes, a leading global index and data provider for equities, fixed income and digital assets. He has 40 years of experience working in the investment management industry, including senior fiduciary positions at Northern Trust and Barclays Global Investors, and led the development of investable Emerging Market indexes at IFC/World Bank.

“VanEck follows a macro investing philosophy, always asking what political, economic and technological forces will affect portfolios. For us, it is foundational to study blockchains and Bitcoin and their effect on portfolios. This book contributes to that inquiry in a practical and useful way.”

—Jan van Eck, CEO, VanEck

Preview Clips: Engaging Interviews with Leading Experts from Our Book

Liste to Peter L. Brandt talking about parabolic Bitcoin price moves.
Listen to Jan van Eck talking about systemic risks.
Listen to Fred Thiel talking about crypto mining.

Discover the Future of Crypto

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Mastering Crypto Assets delivers nuanced analytical insights paired with a rich array of enlightening visualizations.

“In ‘Mastering Crypto Assets’, the authors brilliantly break down complex topics such as crypto valuations, staking, allocation strategies, and crypto risk management. Institutional investors have long needed a book that demystifies digital assets – this is that book.”

—Jason Yanowitz, Co-Founder Blockworks Group

Explore Your Guide
Whether you’re an institutional or individual investor, this book is crafted to elevate your understanding and aid in the seamless integration of crypto assets into traditional investment portfolios amidst the booming digital assets era.

Navigating the Crypto Space
Venture deeper to understand why it’s critical to have digital assets as a part of modern investment portfolios. We make a case for offering a distinct position to digital assets, parallel to staples like cash and gold, helping you discern and strategize with clarity.

Classifying Digital Assets
Equip yourself with a detailed classification of the vast digital asset landscape, understanding the unique functions and value drivers each kind of asset presents. Navigate the nascent stage of the crypto world effectively with informed strategies, while learning to discern potential from the pitfalls.

Foundation of Blockchain
Embark on a journey through the digital asset revolution to understand the intrinsic framework of blockchain-based assets. Through this section, we furnish you with the knowledge to craft investment techniques anchored in solid foundational understanding, enhancing your readiness for a digitized financial future.

Valuation Demystified
Unravel the various approaches to crypto asset valuation, including insightful methodologies grounded in statistical analysis and network effects. This section is designed to guide you through capturing value effectively in a digital environment, setting a new standard in crypto investment analysis.

A Guided Approach
Conclude your journey with a comprehensive understanding of index investments in the digital domain. We highlight the pivotal role of price data and introduce various index types, presenting a valuable guide for anyone keen on adopting alternative yet successful investment strategies in digital assets.

Adding depth and breadth to our discourse are the profound inputs from Matthew Sigel, Marcel Kasumovich, Timothy Peterson, Gregory Mall and Rohan Misra (SEBA Bank), Marco Manoppo, and thought leaders from Token Terminal elucidating complex concepts with clarity and vision.

Their combined voices have not only enriched this guide but have fortified its position as a requisite read for both newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts navigating the cryptoassets terrain. Dive into the varied and nuanced narratives they offer, as they elevate the discourse, ensuring a rounded comprehension of the multifaceted world of crypto assets.

Featuring exclusive contributions from the brilliant minds of Matthew Sigel, Marcel Kasumovich, Timothy Peterson, Gregory Mall and Rohan Misra (SEBA Bank), Marco Manoppo, and thought leaders from Token Terminal.

Discover the Future of Crypto

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Seize the chance to enrich your understanding and foster success in the crypto sphere under the guidance of Fred Thiel, Jan VanEck, and Peter L. Brandt.

In exclusive interviews, we sit down with renowned industry leaders to offer you a firsthand look at the world of crypto and asset management. Fred Thiel, the CEO of Marathon Digital Holdings, shares the nuances of leading in the crypto mining sector, while Jan VanEck of VanEck delves into the innovations steering contemporary global asset management.

Complementing this rich roster is Market Wizard Peter L. Brandt, a legendary trader, bringing a wealth of experience to the conversation. His deep understanding of market dynamics makes him a respected voice in the trading field.